Online Survey Software Qualtrics is used for data collection by over 600 universities worldwide.  Qualtrics can be used for anything ranging from survey research through experimental research.  Some of the unique features they provide include:

  • Over 86 question variations
  • Direct SPSS export
  • Randomization on three levels
  • Trigger notification system
  • Survey authentication
  • Multi-media capability
  • Reaction timing

We are proud to announce that Qualtrics, Inc. is providing ACME members with licenses to use their software for research purposes. If you are a current ACME member and want to have access to Qualtrics, please email your request to Secretary Prashant Srinivasta srivast@uakron.edu. Our ACME contact at Qulatrics is Bryce Winkelman and he can be contacted at brycew@qualtrics.com.