Proceedings Guidelines


To be included in the 2020 ACME Conference Proceedings, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit your paper or extended abstract to the 2020 ACME Proceedings Editor, Lilly Ye (, by February 21, 2020. If you have already submitted your Proceedings document via EasyChair or email, thank you and no further action is required.
    • Contact your Track Chair before you submit your paper to the Proceedings Editor. In some cases, you will need to submit your paper to your Track Chair instead.
  • At least one author must register for the conference by February 21, 2020, and attend the ACME Conference in San Antonio. For more information about conference registration, please visit

If you have any questions regarding the Proceedings, please contact the ACME Proceedings Editor, Lilly Ye, at or 301.687.4258.

Why Publish Your Work in the ACME Proceedings?

Why should you publish your full paper or extended abstract in the ACME Proceedings? The ACME Proceedings is published online and is open access. It is also indexed by Google Scholar. That means any scholar around the world can access your full paper or extended abstract in the ACME Proceedings. Your work can easily be seen and cited by other scholars if it is in the Proceedings. Further, some universities take into account the ACME Proceedings for tenure and promotion decisions.


The 2020 ACME Conference Proceedings will be published in a digital format. Papers or extended abstracts must be sent as an email attachment no later than February 21, 2020, to the ACME Proceedings Editor, Lilly Ye, at Any paper not received by the deadline may not be included in the Proceedings.

Please follow the guidelines exactly so that the final publication will be consistent and professional in appearance. As we have a tight production schedule, paper submissions well before the deadline would be greatly appreciated.

While we welcome both full papers as well as extended abstracts for publication in the ACME Conference Proceedings, authors of full papers are free to choose to submit only an extended abstract in lieu of an originally submitted full paper for publication within the Proceedings. Panelists can submit their position papers for the Proceedings as extended abstracts.

Proceedings production volunteers reserve the right to make any format changes deemed necessary to any submission. Editorial changes, such as correcting grammar and spelling, will not be made. Please use spell check and proofread your final paper carefully before it is submitted.


  1. Papers should be e-mailed as a file attachment in a Microsoft Word format (.doc and .docx formats) to the Proceedings Editor. Successful receipt of your paper will be acknowledged by an email. Please include your telephone numbers in the email so that you can be contacted if needed.
  2. At least one author for each paper must pre-register and pay the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (ACME) Conference registration fees. Please register and pay by February 21, 2020. For more information about conference registration, please visit
  3. You may view sample Proceedings papers here.
  4. Do not use page numbers, footnotes, endnotes, the Word markup or auto-format features, or any extraneous formatting. Do not use any document-level commands that would interfere with the combination of your paper with other papers in a common file.
  5. The paper must start with the full title, centered, in capitals, bold print, underlined, and in 16-point Times New Roman font. Following a space, each author and university affiliation must be shown in Times New Roman 12-point bold font, and one author per line. No titles (Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc.) are to be used, nor should rank be indicated. One space must follow the last author’s name. Then, draw a line across the page. Please, do not use type-styles other than the ones specified.
  6. After the line that appears below the last author’s name, double space and type the heading ABSTRACT, centered in Times New Roman 12-point bold, and ALL CAPS. All full papers must have an abstract of no more than 100 words in Times New Roman 12 point. The abstract paragraph is not indented and should be right and left justified. Double space and then draw another line.
  7. After the line that appears below the abstract, double space and type the heading INTRODUCTION, centered in Times New Roman 12 point bold, and ALL CAPS. All major headings must follow this format. Secondary headings must be in bold print left justified, first letter capitalized then lower case, with a space above and below each heading.
  8. Use 12-point proportional font Times New Roman, for the body of the paper and all headings. Single space the text. Double space between paragraphs and indent the first line five spaces using the tab key. Use full justification for the text (right and left justified). Use 1″ margins all around. Do not put the paper in columns.
  9. When citing references within the text, please use (parentheses), e.g., (Johnston 2004).
  10. Tables, figures, and charts should be produced using Word, if possible. Use the Word table function format, or use tab settings and NOT spaces, for table set-up. Place all tables, graphs, and figures in the body of the text where you want them to appear (not at the end). The final heading is REFERENCES. A complete list of references is required at the end of the paper. “References available upon request” or similar phrases are not acceptable. Use Journal of Marketing referencing style throughout the paper, including the reference section. Please consult any ACME 2015 paper for a sample acceptable reference. Use Times New Roman 12-point type. Use (parentheses) to enclose the year and month. Make sure that you have all your references cited and included in your list of references. Only references cited in the body of the paper should appear.
  11. FULL PAPER submissions must be limited to 20 single-spaced pages, including references.
  12. Authors choosing the extended abstract option should follow the same format guidelines as a full paper, except for headings. The words EXTENDED ABSTRACT should be
    used in place of ABSTRACT and no other headings are required. Extended abstracts are limited to two full pages including references.
  13. Spell check before sending your paper and correct all grammatical errors. Also, edit the paper to address the comments and suggestions of the reviewers.
  14. Submissions not following the above instructions will be returned to the author for corrections. Please follow the instructions in these guidelines so that we will have an attractive and readable Proceedings publication, and a smooth process in producing it.